Reach out to staff and vets

This matters more than most people know. The reality of an audition is that there's very little time, and there are A LOT of people auditioning. You have to make yourself noticed among the massive sea of people. One of the best ways to do this is to reach out to staff and vets. This has two main advantages.

1. You will have a personal interaction with them prior to the audition increasing the chances that they notice you at the camp

2. You may have the chance to get early feed back from the staff

Let's talk about that first point. That personal interaction (granted that it goes well) puts you in the position to immediately be noticed at the camp. If they know who you are they will pay more attention to you! Now the caveat is that IT MUST GO WELL. This is not the time to be pushy or annoying with the staff or vets. You want to introduce yourself and ask for help, That's it. Below I have added a script that you can use to send to staff or vets of the group that you are auditioning for.



My name is (enter name) and I will be auditioning at (enter group name) in (enter date). I was reaching out because I was wondering if I could get some early feedback before the camp. If you are available for a lesson I would love the opportunity to learn from you personally. Thank you for your time.


(Your Name)


This is short, sweet, and gets to the point. Again you don't want to be pushy or annoying, you just want to introduce yourself and open up the possibility for early evaluation. If they agree to give you some sort of lesson or feedback DO IT. This puts you at a massive advantage in the audition. A chance to have yourself evaluated before the audition by the people who hold your fate is such a rare opportunity. If they say that they are unavailable or unable to do a lesson or give feedback , simply thank them for their time. You still have the advantage of them knowing your name.

Although it may be scary to reach out to the people you look up to, there is so much to be gained by it.

Ryan Ellis