Practice Emotional Control

Having control over your emotions is essential to being able to perform consistently. In terms of auditioning, the emotion we face most often is nervousness. This brings up the question of how to overcome it. There's no doubt that everyone battles nerves in some capacity, so what seperates those that manage it and those that are consumed by it?

As Dan Schack discusses in his video ( overcoming nerves is something that can be practiced in everyday life. How often someone puts themselves in situations that create nerves directly effects their comfort level with them. So often auditionees will wait until the audition to play their music infront of someone. You have to give your self reps on being nervous so that you can discover how to be successful under those conditions. I would urge anyone auditioning to recreate the nervousness that they are bound to feel at an audition and practice performing under those conditions. The easiest way to do this is to get someone to watch you play through your audition music.

The best performers in the world practice control over ALL of their emotions. To be successful, you must be able to produce consistent results under any circumstances. Eliminating emotions is impossible. As a performer, you simply must become more comfortable executing in diverse situations.

Ryan Ellis